Friday, April 23, 2010

Bentwood chairs

It has been a busy day around here. I got a bunch of errands taken care of!  It was great!  The only thing I didn't do was ask my neighbour if she wants to sell her bentwood chairs.

Let me explain. Like a properly nosy neighbor I dropped by her open house (over a month ago) and snooped around.  I went twice.  Someone had clearly spent a lot of time and money decorating the house - the 1980's.  So you can imagine my surprise, when, as I walked into the basement, I saw four bentwood chairs, a bentwood rocker and some sort of matchy matchy table.  I immediately fell in love.

My first thought was: since she is moving, maybe she doesnt need them?  Then she took the house off the market...and I never got the nerve to inquire.  Yesterday, I saw a listing for a $5 bentwood chair on craigslist.  It was located close enough that I could have picked it up with the baby & stroller.  It was soooo meant to be...except someone else had snagged it already.  (Correction: so not meant to be).  This re-activated my yearning for those neglected bentwood chairs across the street.

The problem is, strictly speaking, I don't really need bentwood chairs.  I want one to replace the ikea chair in the baby's room. (Except I kinda have my eye on this tall side table at mom's house that is currently holding a stack of old national geographic magazines for that corner of the baby's room too - mom/dad - consider yourselves warned.) Hmmmm... two bentwoods could go with the 'craft table' in the new laundry room downstairs. Except I have parsons chairs (really nice ones that we used in the condo) that would do the job just fine (and probably more comfy). So you see I am really stretching to try and find a place for them.  Its possible we have room in the basement for a games table...but we have an amazing parson style black square table that cost a fortune (pre-shannon, for the condo) clearly I don't need them.  But boy do I want them.

Yesterday, I bumped into my neighbour on the sidewalk in front of my house and we chatted about the baby. I should have taken the opportunity to ask about the chairs...but I am scatter brained and it didn't even cross my mind. Actually, I was thinking: "I should ask her why she took the house off the market" but I was WAY to chicken to pry. I wait until I bump into her again? Do I email? Do I knock at the door?(what if her husband answers the door, I don't even know his name).  When I woke up today I thought I had the balls to walk across the street, knock on the door, and just ask  - but I totally chickened out.  In fact, I completely avoided walking on that side of the street (I crossed at the corner).  For some reason knocking feels like a violation of private space.  Especially knocking to declare that during the act of snooping around her house I fell in love with her stuff and I think she should sell it to me.

Our street holds an annual garage sale in the summer, and she is the organizer.  Maybe I wait until then to ask.  I will have a better idea of space once my house is put back to rights.  Plus, I will be able to determine if I am really in love with them, or if its just infatuation with the trend.    

Sorry if you read this entire message to see if you could get your hands on some curved back bentwood chairs - I totally feel your pain

Update: Just yesterday, (one day after this post!) my neighbour sent out an email regarding our street sale.  So I replied and asked about the chairs...and got invited over for tea!  (Up until now we haven't been invite-you-inside neighbours, just wave-hello-and-chitchat-on-the-sidewalk neighbours)  The chairs she wants to keep for when they downsize...understandable!  Regardless for the chairs,  I am looking forward to a visit!!!  

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  1. Or you could casually mention to your neighbour that you write a blog and then she'll read your post and she will say "Why, I didn't like those chairs anyway. You can have them!"

    Oh, if only it were that easy ;)