Saturday, April 24, 2010


We went to the Crescent School garage sale this morning.  (If any of you were there, I was the one with the baby carrier & the big boy)

This is what $20 bought us:

Two kiddie stools, three books, a pyrex dish, a brass stool and a light fixture.
Yes this fabulous light was only FIVE DOLLARS!  I didn't see it, my DH we were leaving the woman at the door was surprised someone actually bought it!  She says its very art deeco.  Pronounced it DEE-CO...not DECK-CO....we love it!  We will take it to Tony at Residential lighting to see what it is, and get him to rewire it.  Its a glass shade, and chrome everything else.  Kinda old braided wiring.  Quite heavy.
The brass stool was also pointed out to me by my DH...for only $2 I thought we could make it work around here.  Its pretty 80's and very cheepie...but why not? (I love case you haven't noticed)
I passed by these two kiddie stools several times and finally couldn't resist.  They were also $2 each.
Oh and that old copy of Dune??  I have read the series (I'm a major sci-fi dork), but I left my copy of Dune at the hotel in Venice a couple years back ... we bought some murano glasses and I just couldn't carry everything, so I let it go....and it found its way back home.

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