Monday, April 5, 2010

Lighting plan confirmed!

After pointing out all the deadly details of the project so far, the architect and I went on to discuss some finishing details.  We are using my lighting plan as a is the gyst of his changes:
  • redesigned the laundry/storage room lighting to put a U shape track in there as well (since you will see the laundry room from the main room when the door is open).  
  • no light under the stairs
  • add 1 extra pot light to illuminate the 'landing' at the very bottom of the stairs (where you step down onto the concrete floor).  
  • low volt, MR16 spot lights should be ok 
  • main U should be 1 1/2' - 2' off the beam/walls
  • long track in corridor would be more interesting off centre (1 1/2' - 2' away from the beam, same distance as U)
  • put U and corridor tracks on separate switches
  • skip the sconces, keep the lamps
  • skip the overhead light in the bathroom, stick with 2 sconces and 2 pots

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