Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reno update: Not what I wanted to hear....

I mentioned yesterday that our architect (who is not working as our representative on the job, but dropped by the house to brainstorm about the lighting plan) identified some potentially serious problems with the structure of the basement underpin.  I spoke with our engineer today and got some clarity, although I will engage him in a fuller discussion when he drops by next week.

The architect's first worry was regarding the black delta/water proof system that is being used.  The system for water-proofing was indeed spec'd by the engineer.  This gives me some comfort.  Any water that penetrates the outside wall (we have never had any in the past) will trickle down the delta, through the floor, and be swept away by the weeping tile.  The key is that the delta was installed before the floor was laid so that there is a path for the water to travel between concrete footing and concrete slab.

The second concern was that they entirely demo'd two brick walls, without leaving any stub wall.  This stub wall would act as support against the pressure of the earth pushing the inward.  The engineer was aware of this, and ordered additional steel angles to be installed around the area for support.

The problem is, the crew did a less than stellar job of installing the angles.  The steel needed to be cemented into the new footing (check!), touch the old wall, and bolted into place in the ceiling joists above.  A few of the angles appear to be haphazardly installed and do not touch the wall at all.  The engineer identified this during his last site visit and asked the contractor to fill any cavity with grout.  They haven't done it yet.

As of right now, the engineer is scheduled to meet the contractor at the house early next week.

In other news, it feels like most of the walls are framed incorrectly (despite giving them direction).  I guess this happens when you don't have working drawings...
Tomorrow the concrete crew is back to grout the steel angles.

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