Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pissed off & parging

Our engineer talked to the concrete guy (he calls him 'the young one'), and explained exactly what he wants them to do: each steel angle must touch the wall in two places, else they need to parge (grout) the angle roughly three feet ( from the new block up 3')

How do I know this? because I went down to talk to 'the young one' and he was contemptuously slapping grout behind an angle.  He was not a happy camper, but was trying his very best to be polite about it (still sometimes you can just sense a person's frustration by the way they wield a trowel).  So I called the engineer to find out what is going on and  he explained it fully.

Next week the engineer will come by to make sure the young one did it correctly.  I asked him how he will know if they shoved the grout all the way behind the steel, or if its just where you can see it (the edges).  He says he will take a nail and make a little hole to see how well they did it.  If they didn't do it correctly, then they will need to redo it (scrape all the grout out of the cracks, and refill them - yikes!).

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