Monday, May 31, 2010

Bar area

We are getting down to finalizing design details.  The foreman/carpenter is going to build us a custom cabinet for the bar area. I used my mad computer skills to sketch out basically what we want on a photo of the space. 

It will be a three door cabinet with toe kick and stainless steel countertop. Standard cabinet height and depth.  The cabinet doors will be equal in size, flat front, and stained a medium brown colour.  We will be using european hinges and no door pulls, just pop the doors open when you press on them.  The first door will be locked in place and will hide the necessary plumbing/equipment.  The next two will each open outward.

There will be an over mount bar sink and faucet on the counter top to the right hand side.  Hopefully the chrome, stainless sink and stainless counter aren't all clashy.  I wanted a teeny tiny sink, but settle for the 'Blanco Winchester', available at Home Depot for $305 and Romand Bath for $285.  I like the Riobel bar faucet. Since we used Riobel in the bathroom, we might as well use it in the bar too. (I didn't get a price on it yet)
The stainless steel counter top will have a double thick edge at the front.  Making it look like a wide piece of metal. It will basically be stainless steel wrapped around plywood. The stainless steel will continue up the wall (back splash) and end at the bulk head.  I want two stainless steel floating shelves on the wall. There will be two pot lights in the bulk head to light the area.

I need to figure out the type of wood (maple?) and the colour stain....this is going to look like a million bucks, but hopefully it wont cost that much!

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  1. looks fantastic!! Not sure ifyou are getting stone or marble or glass tile for anything, but I just found this GREAT place in mississauga "Quarry direct" with fantastic stone/ marble tile for KILLER prices!! This shop is new so I feel gutted I didn't use them for any of my tile work in my basement!