Saturday, May 29, 2010

SATC2 and vacation in North York‏

On wednesday evening, I went with some ladies to see SATC2. It was the first time I left the house without baby (unless you count the time I had dinner with my boss, at a delicious italian restaurant around the corner, back when I was stubbornly determined to go back to work. I practically swallowed my gnocchi whole and kept saying, 'this is soooooo wierd' ...because I am professional like that! Ummm, the weird part was being away from the baby - its pretty common now for me to scarf down my food)

The movie was meh...that scene where she is talking to him is sooooooo irritating. (I don't want to give away the intricate plot) Then once I am irritated with someone its hard to go back to enjoying their acquaintance...

I made my way home after midnight, where upon walking through the front door I was knocked over by a toxic odor. (I expected meat smells or some other odors after my DH spent the night in...not this) The smell was from the sealant they used on the basement concrete floors earlier that day...sometime while I was at a theatre watching four sophisticated women prance around the desert in mc hammer pants, the fumes seeped in, causing my whole house to smell like black magic markers (not the black licorice yummy smelly kind, the kind of marker your dad uses in the garage)

I did what any mother would do: I jumped into action! I walked in and out of every room of the house sniffing, looking for a place where the odor wasn't as strong, then I started to panic and experience extreme guilt, then, for good measure, I got a headache (some weird stabby head could have been from the fumes, the aggressive sniffing, the guilt, the late hour, or because I was so paranoid that I'd get a headache that I actually did)

We checked into the Westin Prince in beautiful North York that night around 2am.

The lady at the front desk was surprisingly perky for the middle of the night (I guess 2am isn't actually that late)...I was a bit nervous, thinking "we should have brought the baby's passport cause we look like baby snatchers" DH obviously didn't share this thought and spent a considerable amount of time speaking with the perky attendant about our starwoods points. I guess we didn't sound off any alarm bells afterall...I mean what babynappers book a room in north york using their starwood points, anyways?

Its been a pleasant enough stay. The baby and I have spent our days swimming, eating and napping. In fact its kinda like a real vacation, kinda...except without any site-seeing (I can see the CN tower from our hotel room, but I can see it anytime I want from our driveway), or people watching (don't come to north york to watch people, you will be disappointed), or the 'I-didn't-do-the-currency-conversion-in-my-head-properly' shopping. Not to mention I've eaten at Tim Horton's - twice.

They applied the second coat of sealant yesterday. We go back to the house this afternoon to find out what we are dealing with (my DH has checked up on the house several times, he thinks it should be ok for sleeping tonight). Let's hope things are accommodating. Not that I haven't enjoyed our stay at the Prince of North York. Its everything you would expect from a 3-star hotel!!!!! The experience definitely lies somewhere between indulging in extravagance in Abu Dhabi (not quite), and trying to fall asleep despite the foul odor that has suddenly overtaken the bedroom (not quite).

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  1. I think that a hotel vacation in my own city would actually be pretty cool (for a while). I imagine with a little guy it would be more difficult!