Monday, May 17, 2010

Selecting Paint 'Colours'

We went to Benjamin Moore yesterday to select a paint color for the walls.  It HAS TO BE WHITE.  I can't help it. White walls are amazing...I am drawn to them...they top my list of favorites...will be my favorite foreverWHITE WALLS FOREVER!

I took a huge chance with colour upstairs and went blue-grey (well I didn't even read the blue from the colour chit...I thought my walls would be just light grey)...some people might consider a hot pink accent wall risky, I would consider this torture...grey was risky...grey was as much colour as I could handle....and luckily this grey is fabulous...but I have so much natural light, fresh white wood work/wainscoting & white kitchen cabinets that give our home a light and airy feeling.  This house is very bright, it could handle the colour!1

Hey its not that I am afraid of colour...I just don't want it on my walls. Well, actually, don't make me wear it either.. my wardrobe consists of blue, grey, black, navy, brown, and tan....

So the two colour finalists are:

Chantilly Lace OC-65
Distant Gray OC-68

I bought little paint pots and I will test them out ... its hard to tell on the computer screen but they are ridiculously close, so I am positive either one would work...(our kitchen cabinets are painted Chantilly Lace)...still, I just want to make sure!

The trim colour will match upstairs: Para Paint Whitewash White.(P2089-00)  Its a pure white.  Stark white?  YES!  

1. We used half-strength paint in the living room, dining room and kitchen because it really was too much colour for me!  I couldn't handle it...They had to re-paint.

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  1. OOhhh is this for the basement? Post a pic of the samples on the walls!