Monday, May 17, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week 12 Wrap Up

Its coming together now.  We are definitely feeling it now.  Last week was a good week.  The taping and plastering is finished, or will be finished shortly...we had to run the mini heaters over night to speed the drying time because it was moist down there (the weather was against us)
You can get the idea of the open transom above the doorway to the will be frame in, so there will be more of a break between the ceiling and the opening.  I think I am going to rewire our $5 score and hang it here.  You will see it peeking through the opening.  There will be no door, just a door frame. 
The new window in the storage room should get installed this week...that will make such a difference...I think its the largest out of all the basement windows (you can't really get a good sense from the photo but the opening is greater than 3 feet wide)
The other windows have been framed in maple.  The windows boxes are pretty deep because the walls are so thick...

...the ledge will be framed in maple as well. We will use a top plate and a second piece of trim, joined with a mitered edge, so it looks almost like a cap.  It will give the illusion of a 1" thick piece of wood on top...
The bathroom floor has been laid...originally the tile guy thought it would take him a day to level the floor and install the tile...however, it took the whole day to level/slope the floor!!!....he returned on Saturday morning to install the tile. It looks fabulous!  We are going to put down a 4" wide jet black caesarstone transition.  
There is a large section of bathroom wall left open (no drywall) in order to get the glass shower pane down the stairs.
And finally, we left some candies on the chair for the guys to enjoy!  (Party leftovers)

This week upcoming (as far as I can piece together): Stairs, final window, clean & seal the floors

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