Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 day to go!

Tracks are up!
The tracks are up! They are took some shouting, and a re-do (a do-over)...but they got them right in the end.  (originally they installed the tracks seven inches from the wall, now they are centered on the room, roughly 15 inches from the wall.).....Excuse the spooky spook photos - they haven't actually installed any lights into the track...

I am soooo happy we went for tracks instead of potlights...but word of caution: no body uses tracks anymore so the electricians had to go down a pretty steep learning curve this morning ...(That's the nice way to put it, I could also say that these guys weren't rocket scientists) the second go around they had it figured out.

My barn door looks fantabulous!!!! Picture it black...not charcoal, not jet black, not ink black, just black!  Very high contrast against the walls.  Its heavy, about 150lbs.  It sticks out when open so that we can put a long chrome handle on it. They will notch the baseboard so that it hugs the wall when closed. 

They put the switches on each side of the door, because if they put them all together the dimmers would over heat..

The last major project is the stair screen...the carpenter was carving out the steps to get the fit just right.
I don't know who is on deck tomorrow.  The carpenter for sure...the painter was supposed to come, but the electricians didn't finish.  We will see!

So much left to do!

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  1. Barn door is fab!! I really wanted one when i did my basement but couldn't find anyone locally who could install one!! Next time.
    It's all coming together...slowly but surely!