Sunday, June 20, 2010

Due date came and went...

Our due date was Friday June 18, and of course we are not finished.

Dryer hot water tank installed...radiant floors ready to go...
...and the best part about Friday was....TA DA!  My track lights are in!  The electricians showed me how to twist the heads into the track so I put most of them up myself during baby's nap time.  I want to take them all down and plug them in again, this time using a measuring tape (Maybe I just want to play around with them, OKAY?).  IT'S BRIGHT DOWNSTAIRS!  We love it!
We put two pot lights and a junction box in the bar area (I didn't want the pots to be centered, I wanted them flanking the JB; JB supposed to be centered on the room)
The electricians need to come back and fix a few things...

Monday the painter comes back to paint, and the carpenter comes back to carpent...I can't get a sense of what else will happen, or when things will be finished....they need to paint, build screen, pass final inspection, fix electrical, install stainless steel countertop for bar, redo the landings, install hardware...and the bathroom.

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