Thursday, June 10, 2010

6 days to go...

  Today they boxed in the beam.  I originally wanted to leave the metal exposed and paint it out.  It seems NOBODY does this, so the drywall guys left gaping holes around the top of the beam, assuming it would get boxed in.  Therefore I had no choice. I requested pine instead of mdf.  Sure pine will show dings, but mdf flakes when its been banged up...You know what doesn't ding or flake? STEEL...oh lose some, you lose some...renovations are about NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT...
They drywalled the utility room.  We have a car battery backup, and some other black box for the sump pump that the plumber had mounted to the wall between the joists.  Today, the carpenter who was doing the drywall was going to use small pieces of drywall and go around these devices.  Yes, leave them half in the wall, half out, with drywall patched up around them.  huh?  I was like, can't you build a shelf? So here is my shelf.

The room is still scarey, with lots of unfinished parts... After it is cleaned up I will see what I am left with...I know its just a utility room, but it doesn't have to feel like a dungeon. 

That's all that happened today.

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