Sunday, June 6, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week 15 Wrap Up

Its busy around here.  We are in a mad dash to the finish line. 

Stairs are in, they look fab!  They have started to frame them in with maple veneer plywood.
I have decided to stain the steps! The contractor says even though its poplar, you can do it.  So the stairs and slat screen will both be stained.
The trim is almost complete. It looks amazing.  Flat profile, no embellishments...ok I admit it would have been more modern to do without trim, but I love it. The ledge is capped in mdf with a pine face.  Over time the seem will show...I'm not sure if there was a better way to do it (that doesn't cost more).
The two floating boxes/shelves are complete.  I am thinking we will stain them.  Might as well, because if I hate it, I can paint over it at another time.  I am going with a lot of natural wood....stairs/ cupboards...sliding barn door....and now the boxes...just enough that your eye gets carried around the room.
The washer & dryer are back downstairs.  The washer is hooked up but they have to connect the ejector box in order for the waste water to be expelled from the house. (The dryer, the one with all the stuff on it, needs to be moved to the foreground of the photo, to the right of the washer)
The contractor gave us a new estimated date of completion: June 18...thats two weeks away! (and that's two weeks late)...Here is what is left to do in two weeks:
  • bar area (build custom cabinet on site, stainless steel counter top, stainless backsplash)
  • finish dry walling (the utility room needs to be dry walled)
  • finish plastering (the glass shower panel is on site, and the bathroom wall is now closed needs to be mudded before the tiles are installed, they also need to patch the foyer where there was a leak.
  • bathroom (tile walls, grout, install fixtures, install glass)
  • doors (install bathroom door, utility door, build barn door on site and install, install all hardware, refinish and install door at top of stairs)
  • screen
  • finish the trim, including the rest of the stairs
  • build desktop under the stairs (we are making a small computer workstation under the stairs.  If you peek at the photo again you will see phone, Ethernet and cable outlets)
  • capping the post (I wanted to leave it steel and just paint it, but the dry wall installers made such a mess of where it meets the ceiling that I will just let them box it in...whatever.)
  • painting/staining
  • install electrical fixtures
I will be impressed if they knock this all out in two weeks...

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