Monday, June 7, 2010

9 days to go

The carpenter called in sick today...or pulled his back...or called in hungover...or whatever.  He is the #2 guy on this job and just started at the house last week to do the trim.  The #1 carpenter came back this afternoon to get something done. He hung the pocket door to the utility room, its a ridiculously heavy solid core particleboard slab door, I am painting it out white like everything else. . 
The plumber was here for most of the day and the ejector pump was installed.  We have a new black pipe/sewer vent running up the north side of the house (out of our sight and mind).  As well as these crazy pipes on the floor in the utility room.  Totally takes up a lot of realestate....I wanted to put shelves in the niche in the corner (we used to have shelves there).  All this plumbing stuff sucks. 100% necessary, but sucks!
I tried out the smells funky...and it funked up my shower We will leave the washer door open at night, and close it every morning before the workers come.
I want them to fix this rather large (3/4") gap in the drywall under the stairs, they were going to just slap a piece of trim over it, but I want them to patch the drywall.  Will do!
I also asked them to mud the ceiling in the bathroom where there is another 3/4" gap in the drywall (see below, to the left of the hole for the pot light).
Oh one more thing: the contractor drove to the TSC in Milton  (farm supply store) and picked up a barn track, wheelies, and hinges for my barn door.  Yup we are using actual barn door hardware because its cheap, galvenized steel is hot, and,, well, its cheap exclamation mark!.  The door will close off the laundry storage room from the main living space.

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