Monday, June 7, 2010

Laundry room - bad Shannon

I never gave the laundry room much thought.  Its just not important to either of us.  He irons shirts sunday night in front of the TV.  He does the laundry and brings it up stairs for me.  I fold it on my bed and put it away.

Sure we need a place to store soap and stuff, but I don't anticipate spending much time in there....or so I think now.  Watch it becomes the new hub of the home or something.

Anyways, we went to Lowes and picked up a white laundry sink. We used to have the same one, in the same spot (across from washer and dryer), only it was super nasty and could give you a disease.  So replacing it was a no brainer for us...right? WRONG! The walls have all moved in after underpinning.  We lost space.  The corner the sink is supposed to go in is only 19.5" wide...and the sink is 23+" inches. Bad planning on our part.  Bad Shannon. 
Now what?

I don't want to skip the laundry sink, I don't want to pay for custom cabinets until I see how we use the space, I don't want to have the Lowes laundry sink jut out 6 inches from the wall...STALEMATE!!!!!!!

Update: Enter Peter Fallico (I love PF)...he showed me how you can cut off the back of the stock cabinet and make it slimmer...thank you Peter Fallico, we will be doing this one day!

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