Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three days late - carpentry complete!

Today they swept up the sawdust - one last time.

Slat screen done!!  LOVE IT!!
It creates close quarters in the stairway - then BAM! you come into the huge open concept family space!
They added a piece of bullnose poplar (poplar bullnose?) to the landings. The bullnose replaced the joint where two rough edges of plywood previously met.  It was a lot of work to retrofit and they did a fantastic job!
The trim around new-old-door was replaced...its a bit wonky, but I blame that on the wonky walls, not the trim. (They also installed the door handle on this door, and the basement bathroom door)
Tomorrow the painter comes. The contractor has requested a quote from the painter for staining the slat screen. This will allow me to decide if I want to do it myself or not. I'm nervous that its going to cost more than the screen itself!

As soon as painting is finished the electricians return.  Then we will mount the TV and the movie screen, pull up the paper from the floor and its all ours!  The bathroom and bar will be finished in July, but we can start using the space as early as this weekend (in a perfect world).  I predict world cup soccer on an 8 foot screen.


  1. ok i'm so excited and its not even my basement! can you imagine how fabulous it will look with stain!!

  2. The stairway looks awesome! You must be pleased!

  3. I can't wait to see the next update - the stain and the finished old/new door is what I'm excited about the most!

  4. It looks absolutely amazing! Congrats

  5. The stairway looks awesome! You must be pleased!