Thursday, August 12, 2010


I picked up few things:

Everything seemed really expensive today...I ended up spending $40!! But in addition to the kitchware (shown in photo), I found two kids books, a bucket of 1200 Legos (more legos for my nephew), and a badminton racket.  The yellow bowl is a smaller version of a bowl I have from University.  I bought the original one for 99 cents at Honest Ed's...I like having this one to match (also 99 cents).


Tomorrow is 50pct off day at Goodwill.  They have tons of selection today, but my little one did not feel like shopping, so I only skimmed.  I saw this mounted poster that I think you should try to go purchase (for 7.99 today, or $4 tomorrow)....that is, if you are into butterflies, and if you are into purple...perfect for a guest room or little girls room!  The edges are trimmed in gold...I liked a page out of an encyclopedia.  (Kids these days probably don't know what an encyclopedia is!)... Sorry the picture is so crummy...

(@ Goodwill - Bathurst and St. Clair - a short walk from St Clair west station...if I knew you were looking, I would have hobbled home carrying it...)


  1. Where did you go? I love the tiered serving tray!! xoxo

  2. oh I love the salt and peppers .... I love old silver. I go to a church bazaar in Oakville every year and they always have a whole table of silver items. I guess as the older members downsize it gets sent to the Church ... anyway it is my annual source

  3. The three-tier silver tray looks so expensive. Good finds!

  4. Loved the tiered serving tray/cupcake stand!!

  5. Loved the tiered serving tray/cupcake stand!!