Friday, August 13, 2010

Where are we going to put all of these books?

I love books...I love reading them...I love owning them...I love buying duplicate copies of my favorite books from second hand stores...  Now I need to find a proper home for them all...

The thing is, I LOVE ALL BOOKS EQUALLY...I love the Orson Scott Card paperbacks as much as my favorite dystopian novels, my Guy Gavriel Kay hardcovers are just as important to me as my small and growing collection of art books...I would love to have them all on display...but where?

(Ruled out the office, because the floor seemed to be sinking under the weight of the bookshelves...not to mention that the small bedroom will eventually become the office, as our family continues to grow...)

Something is in the works...(it will probably take a year to execute)

(ps...we donated a FULL trunk of books to goodwill before the basement reno began...)
(pss...yes they are already double deep in the study bookshelves...and still I have several stacks of overflow books on the study floor)

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  1. Wow you have quite an extensive collection, I too have many great books from my university days as an English Lit. specialist, maybe we should swap ;)