Friday, September 10, 2010


Here's my best: cream, grey, and purpley pink

I tried to make a center piece that worked with the new goodwill plates...I used all the milk glass vases I have been collecting, and a hammered aluminum tray...I am sure you recognize everything!

I wish I had all the pieces to make a dinner table set for 8+ come alive...I don't have a gorgeous table cloth for the extended table (when the center leaf is in place)...I also don't have cloth napkins...or enough silverware...or short glasses (tumblers?...we have tons of high ball glasses, tons of champagne flutes) I bet you know what I will be on the hunt for over the winter! 

Still, it came together ok!

Gotta go cook!


  1. Just beautiful!! love the pink and grey!

  2. Thanks Wallpaper! I now want to fill my house up with tall stacks of lunch and dessert plates, all thrifted, of course!

  3. Just beautiful!! love the pink and grey!