Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thrifting two days in a row - I know! Lucky girl!  We weren't able to make it to Christie's, but we had to do a dropoff at Goodwill (old clothes, some misc books), and I found these beauties:

I just read this post this morning about triangles, and then saw these glasses and HAD TO HAVE 20 of them...there were at least 10 more, but I felt 20 was more than enough, no?

I love gossip girl, but missed almost every episode last season, I turned it on and Nate and Serena were dating and I was soo lost (I never got into LOST), so I have to buy the dvd and get caught up...

I didn't realize till I got home that there are at least 5 more books in this series that come AHEAD of the ones I bought...

Ok, I have to share this little tidbit...while I was shopping I overheard two middle aged men saying that there were so many "beautiful women" at Goodwill..."better than the clubs"...well, since there was only about three women in the store, I assumed the comment was at least partially directed my way...I repeated the conversation to my DH who seemed a bit confused, "Really," he said, "How come I didn't see any?"

Happy Saturday!


  1. Too bad you didn't make it to Christie's! It was my first time there and we spent the whole day and a wad of dough. I'm very happy with my finds and I'll post in a day or two!
    Love your glasses! You find the best stuff at Goodwill. I always think of you when I go there!

  2. Wait, how many did you get?! I'm so jealous. Good find. And thanks for the shout out.