Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Pyrex bowl! Yesssssssssssssss!!

...and a couple other vintage goodies for the office (swapping out the silver and glass dishes on the desktop for the earthy blue pottery)...

Also bought three more vases to add to my growing collection...I think I have enough, should I stop? I don't even know how it happened, it was all so sudden...a couple here, a couple this:

And its not like I can get more than what I paid for fact, I bet its the opposite, I am probably losing money on every piece I pick up....but they make me sooooo happy...and I will love white forever...what would you do?

I also picked up a bunch of kids books...they had quite a few with trucks (and boats and planes) today, and I really couldn't say no...
Not to mention that I couldn't walk away from this old Junior Encyclopedia of Canada ...FACTS don't ever change though, right? (Except they DO...Pluto used to be a planet, and....well, I can't think of one other example...but you get the picture ) basically this mini reference library is CANADA as it WAS in 1990...forever...woah!
Some ABC books and bag o' mini farm animals too...

ps. I am Craigslisting the AWESOME green lamp...if you read my blog, and you want the lamp, let me know and I may be open to negotiating :)...I love it - I really do!...I am sad to see it go, but I am going with blues instead of greens in the office, so I need to say goodbye!


  1. We really should plan an outing for thrift store finds!! ;) so we can be united in our little habit!! I love all the stuff you get, pyrex great find, the vases are amazing, if they make you happy I say go for it, buy more!!

    I think you could really do a snazzy cetrepiece display with those babies!! think tons of white vases for christmas time, with some festive flowers!!

  2. Um...facts do sometimes change...remember Pluto? :p

  3. oh my gosh! memories! i have the same junior encyclopedia in my mom's basement on the bookshelf..i just cleaned up a bit and thought - should i throw them out? but just couldn't :)

    and i love milkglass vases/candleholders - i have a few too :) yours look great all together like that!