Thursday, November 18, 2010

New second hand vase in the foyer niche

I picked these up at Goodwill today:
8 brass napkin rings
1 brass bowl
1 blue and white vase (its not very refined, not even old, but I thought it might work in the foyer niche)

I like the vase there - until I find something I like better, of course! 


  1. I'm gonna need to start going to the goodwill you go to! The one right near me here (at work haha) is not very good at all... I LOVE those napkin rings!

  2. Score!

    I'd love to go but I don't think I'll have time. I used to live by the one near St. Clair/Bathurst and it was pretty good. Maybe I'll forego the planned trip to IKEA in favour of Goodwill....hmmm...

  3. Great finds!! those napkin rings are fab!! and the vase is stunning!

  4. I love that little niche! And I think the vase looks perfect!