Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Upstairs Bathroom

This morning, I pulled out the drill and installed this $13.99 towel ring (from Canadian tire)...I wasn't up to the task of drilling into the tile, so I went above...It makes me very happy (its level-ish)

When we renovated the entire house (before we moved in), we left this bathroom alone because it was fine (we changed the sconces, and put in the medicine cabinet - home depot special)  ...the room wasn't great, but we felt (I felt) that it was good enough.   Well, it turns out that its not quite good enough, but, that's a story for another day...

I need a new light fixture (anything would be better than this one)...roman blinds might make it more cozy?...I like the white shower curtain but wish the rod was much closer to the ceiling (the tiles stop short of the ceiling too)...the fixtures are GARBAGE (we could potentially change just the fixtures)

Not sure if I should try to decorate the hell outta it...or start calling contractors to get a quote? What do you think? What small improvements would you make to this room?

p.s. this is the only bathroom upstairs, we don't have an ensuite


  1. OK, you have just inspired me. I'm moving within the next few months and the bathroom needs a MAJOR overhaul (we're talking hideous 70s tile). As the house was built in 1912, I was thinking of something with some old style cachet. Black and white tile on the wall came to mind. That top strip with the thin one underneath just rocks - though I'd tend to put subway tiles for the white ones...

  2. The rad, wall tile, sconces, window and medicine cabinet all have a 20's vibe, which i really like. I think i'd play that up by changing the floor tile to white ceramic hexagons, changing the toilet to an American Standard Town Square, changing to a console style sink with turned legs, new faucets, and a new school house light. By the way have you seen Jenn's bathroom? It is really gorgeous!

  3. I agree ... Love the black and white tile on the wall, but would change the flooring to a smaller, more vintage look to match.

  4. oh, thank you, I actually wanted to ask if you could post your main bathroom photos :) I'm hoping we will redo ours this year. I really like the black tile border. I agree floor tile is not the best. I'll show you my bathroom. Yours looks like a million bucks compared! :)

  5. its actually blue and white tiles...a royal blue (i think that's what you would call it) 4 of the 5 rooms upstairs (master, guestroom, office & this bathroom) have the same blue in the decor...its the nursery thats greens and yellows

    I hadn't considered JUST doing the floor and fixtures...I wonder how much DIY we could accomplish??? Its a GREAT idea!

    I was dreaming of marble and a claw foot tub...but hexagon tiles and a new sink & toilet would be pretty sweet too!

  6. The floor is the only thing that really jumps out at me as being out of place. I also thought the dark tiles were black and was thinking how neat a black floor would be. You could still do a deep blue tile floor but it would depend on how much you like blue. The rest I think could just use some accessorizing.

  7. Before you call in a contractor consider this. Remove the dark grout from the floor tile (there is a really handy gizzo for this a guy on bathroom reno show used it) & re-grout with white or same as wall tile. Then put a yellow fabric faux pleated blind at the window & use the same fabric for a shower curtain, keeping the plastic liner.

    Change the scones for something bigger & the ceiling light for maybe a chandelier, big yellow prints on the wall & I think it will instantly look warmer, some crown moulding could also be added. Some minor changes could save you some serious money.

    Good luck.


  8. I agree ... Love the black and white tile on the wall, but would change the flooring to a smaller, more vintage look to match.