Monday, November 1, 2010


My favorite flea market in Paris has to be Vanves....we went three times...there is A LOT of stuff - most is quite expensive (at least the opening price the seller quotes you is ridonkulous, and you know that you will never be able to get it down to a price that is considered 'cheap')...there are some bargains if you really REALLY (literally) dig...Of course this is the place where you are likely to find something you love - that is one of a kind - and will go perfect in your home, and in that case, who cares about price, the only question left is 'will it fit in my suitcase'?  I also got the feeling that if you were a serious collector, you could find some gems (maybe that tiny 35E bowl, that you could probably score for 20E, or about $25 is really worth much much more?  Its just an example, the only one I got....and in case you are wondering, the guy was asking 4E each for the smurfs)
We took a million photos of the market and all its lovely brocantes...I decided to upload a ton of pics for you, because, this is how it feels when you are at Vanves...table after table of different and equally interesting things, until eventually it all becomes a blurr!
 ...I bought a bunch of little treasures at the market. The most I paid for a single item was 4 euros...mainly I paid 1 euro for little silver or brass do-dads...I stuck to the junkiest of junky sellers and dug through piles of brocantes dumped on the's the thing...I don't NEED any more knick I felt like paying up was sorta a waste...for me it was all about the thrill of the hunt...seeing what I could uncover...

So tell me, have you been to Vanves?  Do you see anything you like? What type of brocantes are you on the hunt for?


  1. I saw something in every single photo that I would like to're a lucky duck!

  2. I have never been, but I want to go soooo badly now that I have seen this post! This is totally my type of thing!

  3. what fun!
    when i was in paris i was wearing a back-pack and had just enough money to buy a baguette and some fromage...would love to go back.
    LOVED your what I wore post...i went pixie when i had just got home from my honeymoon and i know what you mean about picking look fabulously fashionable!!

  4. I saw something in every single photo that I would like to're a lucky duck!