Friday, December 10, 2010

Toot tooooot!

Here comes the gumball express!

All aboard!! Toooot toooot!

Obviously I didn't get my toddler to help me with this one...I fully intended to involve him, but he would rather discover how much candy will fit in his mouth all at once (I can't blame him for that).  Now every time he sees the train he throws a tantrum because he is not allowed to play with it (or eat it - yet)...

Consider it a parenting lesson learned....


  1. Wooh, that is a cute gingerbread train. I'm with your son, I would be eating this up if I had the chance.

  2. all aboard, I want a ticket on that train!

  3. gosh, i can't imagine the time and PATIENCE it must have taken to make it. i want one too now :)

  4. Hi NK! it didn't take very long at all! I used a kit and put the body together in less than 10 mins the first night...used the rest of the green icing and candies the second night...grabbed some more candy, and stuck them on with the white icing yesterday...the icing comes prepared and ready to go...there is no fuss!