Friday, January 28, 2011

Another go at styling - just TOO MUCH STUFF

I pulled out my West Germany vases (the yellow gourd vase is from my grandmother, the other three are from Goodwill)...some books, a rattan tray, a vintage plate for under the plant...
 and a retro mug to hold the pencils...
I think overall its better...its seems to work with the display of pyrex hovering above the desk (although a little busier than I am accustomed to)...I am happy...for now!

I'm just sneaking an update in here (is allowed, right?)...this is what HAS TO HAPPEN...(I couldn't handle the clutter, new idea, clear everything away and just have a single vase with tall blooming branches)


  1. more retro vintage of you than usual. its fun. embrace the sea change sweeping over you.