Saturday, January 22, 2011

Natalie is THE BEST

Thanks to Natalie, the author of two FANTASTIC Blogs, Smart Alec and Veneer Designs, (and a woman with impeccable taste), the following items from Overstock are coming to stay with us! 

Landon White 3-piece Quilt Set  - Boring, right?  That's just the way I like it!  My white basketweave duvet cover is too short on the sides (if you look at the photo from the link, I pulled the duvet WAY OVER to the right side of the bed for the photo)...I love the pattern on my duvet, and I have been reluctant to change...this overstock quilt has pretty much the same texture, but I ordered it in king size so that it gives good drape ...its an experiment...(do not try this at home!) 

Egyptian Cotton Sateen 600 Thread Count Sheet Set - I have a ridiculously hard time choosing sheets...but these white ones should do the job! 

Mexican Zapotec 'Women of Power' Wool Rug (1.5' x 4') - Cute, right?  (There was only two left!)

Sophie Brown Bentwood Butterfly Table - I discovered this butterfly stool knockoff from a post on Veneer Designs...I don't know where it will go but I love this design...sure its a knock off, my house is a mix of knock offs and originals, and this wasn't something I wanted to go all the way on

So what do you think? Have you bought anything from overstock lately? Do you find its hard to shop the site unless you know exactly what you want? Browsing seems impossible to me...

ps...I don't usually impose myself on other people...especially people I only know online...but if you're already a Natalie fan, you already know she is someone you quickly consider a friend! 
pss...Natalie, thanks again lady!

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