Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homemade draft stopper

Enough is enough...we have had some cold blustery days lately and this old house is DRAFTY!  Yesterday I hand stitched this door draft stopper (the fabric is too short to fully cover both doors, but hey, it was only $3/meter...I like it because it reminds me of this dash and albert rug)...
If this were a high school home ec class, I would have probably received a B minus. (Sloppy irregular stitches, perhaps OVER STUFFED with rice?)

ps... I plan on making some small rectangular bean bags in the same fabric to really sand bag the door...I am fully aware that the bean bags will one day become weapons of mass disruption!
pss...this is a new set of doors too! (from our 2008 renovation...) ...we likely need some sort of spray foam insulation and another strip of trim...I don't really know
psss...I am going to use this crazy fabric to make one for the 80 year old front door...for now the fabric is lying there, trying its best to keep us warm  VETO'd by the man of the house!

pssss...I know I don't have to tell you that neither of these fabrics really 'go' (Sarah and Tommy would likely give me an 'F' based on fabric selection alone!!!)...but I just want you to know, that I know, that these aren't making any kind of grand design statement! Maybe this is a debate we should have...should everything in your home be 'perfect' and designer approved? Or just good looking to you?  When is functional OK?  How can your own personality shine through if you settled? Or if you are imitating?   Ummmmm...yah Shannon, its just a draft stopper :P


  1. we're talking warm here ...not co-ordination .. though I LOVe the one on your kitchen doors.

  2. at least your mittens will be nice and toasty on the rad! have you weather stripped the doors? that should help but you may have already done so. Good luck, it's a VERY cold one out today!

  3. i love the one on your kitchen doors too... lovely greetings

  4. is freezing...great idea. I like the fabric...

  5. Draft stoppers like this are a not all that unusual in England... old doors, old houses, simple solution! Of course I read that this door isn't all that old ;-) Personally, I think your solution is fun!

  6. we're talking warm here ...not co-ordination .. though I LOVe the one on your kitchen doors.