Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where can you get an amazing round table for <$200? St Clair Salvation army!  This table is only $179!!!!!!!!!  Its AMAZING!
Solid wood...dark brown stain...table top in amazing condition (but I didn't take a picture..drat..that white dot on top is the price sticker) leaves - solid top!

Gorgeous chunky square base
AMAZING!  The top seems tippy, but I think that's because it comes apart for transportation
60" ...(unless its bigger?)

I wanted to roll it home!!!!!!


  1. by the way - I'm intrigued by the Unbearable Lightness book. You liked it?

  2. Hey JND!

    I like Unbearable Lightness...its honest...not too heavy...

  3. Good to know! Thanks for the tip! (I'm planning on some browsing time in Indigo as soon as I escape work...)