Monday, March 7, 2011


we brought five new plants into the house over the weekend....adding a plant into a room is not easy! I thought it would be as simple as finding some plants that were low maintenance (a must!) and good looking, then just drop them into the room!  Wrong...

the yucca (and its simple clay pot) is working for me...but, I wish it was taller - about three feet taller!!!  

how do you work plants into your decor?  are there rules?  or maybe its just that I adore JUMBO plants and the ones I bought are too small to really satisfy


  1. HIya- Long time reader, first time commenter. I love your house. I'm looking for some local sources for good indoor plants, hardy and ideally cat-resistant. I love this yucca (perhaps a good vintage plant stand can give it some oomph until it grows to the perfect height), mind telling me where you went to get your plants and any others you picked up?

  2. It's a great looking plant!
    Although I love large plants, my current ones are small as it's easier to transport them when I move (which seems to be every couple of years at the moment).
    You can just wait for this one to grow three feet but in the meantime you can put it on a pedestal of sorts or an inverted clay pot (same as the one it's in - which looks great!).
    I don't really have any real suggestions for adding plants into spaces - just like other objects, I choose plants that I like. Somehow they work.
    Looking forward to reading other comments.
    p.s. I really like the desk in front of the window. How's the new set-up working for you?

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I just added the links...we bought this one at ikea...we bought 4 plants there, I will try to photograph the other ones later today (and one plant at Walmart)...I think we will visit a garden center sometime soon to get a giant tree for the living room...

    Hi Jordana!
    The desk is perfect here! I love looking out upon the trees in the backyard...the office is totally pulled together now! THANKS!!!

    I think the yucca needs to stay grounded, just in case the plant and my toddler have a run in....I am curious about how long it will take the yucca to grow into a lush I have 8 years to wait?

  4. I have put some of my "shorter" plants on a pedestal. Ok that sounds ugly, but I've put them up on random pretty stools [less ugly :) ]. My little one is 20 months old and no run ins. But she's a girl, so maybe if we had a boy it would be different.

    I absolutely agree that visually sometimes you just need a few extra feet! And I"m always too impatient to wait for them to grow on their own.

    Good luck, I love Ikea plants :)

  5. Fun isn't it! I hope you have as green a thumb but not as many plants since at one time I counted 60 in the house.