Thursday, March 3, 2011


I will admit, I was in awe of Emma's friend's creative space.(my jaw dropped)...those overflowing shelves of interesting 'stuff'!!  So I called an assembly of balloons, feathers, sticks, pompoms, streamers, ribbons, pipe cleaners, buttons, felt letters, and sewing supplies...

There is SOOO much going on in the storage room...organizing it makes me happy!

ps...the lighting is uneven and harsh, I haven't learned how to correct it/compensate for it! (yet....)
pss...i tried a warming filter on the photos, using photoshop...and I think the images looks less harsh 
psss...cropped the first two...a bit better


  1. Oh, I'll know who to call if and when I decide to throw a party! You have everything I need, and more!

  2. I love the green box with the kitty on the top! Great organizing! (Isn't it so soothing?)

  3. Wasn't that place amazing! So wish I had my own studio.
    There's another photo program called Lightroom that might be worth checking it out. I find it really easy to use and helpful. It's also an Adobe program.