Thursday, March 3, 2011


this morning:
three seconds later:

I am not sure how two of the wheels survived!!  **

*it took about 18 coats of yellow paint!! The paint refused to cover the box. I would paint the box, come back 10 mins later, and see that the paint had dried to the perfect cardboard box coloured finish...
** he did get some play time out of it, until he figured out how much fun it was to 'help' mommy put the wheels back on!


  1. It's NOT a box! It's a bus! haha. What a coincidence. This is really cute. I love the looks of yellow buses, even though I couldn't stand riding it to school.

  2. Lev has a thing for school buses, actually any bus, too. Whenever he sees them he points them out and makes his arms go round and round like wheels. Must a be a boy thing.