Monday, June 27, 2011

Banquet table

I recently guest blogged at Life Begins @ Thirty, Right, and wrote about the furniture I'd like for the backyard pea gravel patio. I have my heart set on the longest possible table next to the garage, with bentwood chairs on one side, and benches along the other side.
I think we can get away with a 10 1/2 foot long banquet table. It doesn't leave much room on the ends, I know.  I suppose the chairs could squeeze together to work with 10', OR maybe we can go for 10' 3" and call it a day!  Hmmm...or even 11 feet and forget chairs on the end?

ps the bentwoods would only come out of the garage at dinner time!!


  1. I'd say: forget chairs at the ends :)

  2. I second NK's motion! I love the idea of leaving the ends without chairs - it would create a convivial, almost picnic table feel (only much more posh :)