Friday, July 29, 2011

Kitchen Sink

I spend too much of my life standing in front of the kitchen sink - washing dishes*, massaging stains out of my sons clothing, washing more dishes, preparing dinner, etc....This spot is NEVER PRETTY!  I know, I know, not everything has to be pretty...but today I've grown weary of staring at the baking soda!

What's in and around your kitchen sink?  Does it fill up with misc lost objects from all over the house?  Do you have a slew of soap dispensers and cleaning products?  Have you stopped noticing or have you discovered the secret to keeping it looking good?  Do you put everything under the sink when you are done - for reals?? (FOR REAL NOW)

UPDATE: I poured the baking soda into this etched carafe (a treasure I picked up from goodwill that was stashed in my cupboards)...a little bit of pretty just in time for the long weekend!

ps. I did ALL the dishes and tidied up because Laura from Gracefully Searching is dropping in this evening to pick up my rattan chairs!  Yup! After a full year and no perfect place for them, I am letting them go!
*My husband is a HUGE help with dishes, although he never washes the pots and pans...only 'soaks' them!


  1. Jane's Next DoorJuly 29, 2011 at 8:07 PM

    Amen sister! I hate this area of the kitchen! I have the dish soap, a little tray for the sponge and scotch brite, a bottle of handsoap and a kind of funky vase/jar thingy that I put my scrubby brush in. It takes up too much room and I'm always mopping up water that collects around it. I've just reclaimed some space on the counter by moving things around and I haven't quite figured out the dish/sink are yet. But it bugs me. A lot. I like your baking soda holder. Isn't baking soda the best? It and vinegar are my favorite cleaners!

  2. I put a handmade momento from Kiev near my sink (on the window frame). So no matter the mess it makes me smile every time.

  3. Jordana @ White CabanaJuly 30, 2011 at 12:50 AM

    Looks pretty darn pretty Shannon. I keep as much as I can underneath. I have pretty soap & lotion dispensers by the sink but I keep the dish soap & gloves under the sink. Although - sometimes I leave the gloves out because they're cute (red with black & white polka dot trim). Check Winners or Home Sense for cute gloves. I saw a decent selection the other week. The sponge - I don't know what to do with it. Always looks ugly by the sink but it's inconvenient if I put it under the sink.
    Happy long weekend! Enjoy the BBQ!

  4. Cute gloves???? Get out!! I will have to poke the nets for some! And maybe a nice soap dispenser too!

    I've tried nicer versions of the palmolive bottle...substitute bottles of different types, but they are not really that handy so we switched back...

  5. I can't think about my kitchen sink. I'm missing the rattan chairs. I loved those. I don't know Gracefully Searching blog, but I'll have to pop over sometime to visit the chairs there.

  6. I put my dish soap in a small olive oil decanter - looks pretty and easy to use. For the sponge the have those little 'basket' type containers with suction cups that can be attached to the inside of the sink - this way the sponge can dry but you don't have to see it:)

  7. I had a hard time letting go...I guess I kept wishing we would find a cottage and I could use them decorating there!

  8. I tried the oil decanter better half didn't like how slowly the dish soap came we went back to the squeeze bottle. I have PILES of dishes to put away right now after entertaining last night...*sigh*

  9. I agree that this is one of the most challenging areas of the house. Yours is just lovely btw! Presently mine is home to two dirty dish rags, two soap dispensers, a dying cyclamen, remnants of my son's rock collection and for some unknown reason, a stapler. I should take a photo. :)