Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're back!

We escaped the city (and the heat) for an extended weekend and headed to Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville.  Deerhurst has been on our radar since they listed 100+ very affordable (and nearly immediately sold out) vacation condos for sale a few months ago.

So what did we think?  Great family vacation spot.  Ridiculous amenities (meaning there is a TON of stuff to do if you are sporty/outdoorsy and not pregnant)....and its BIG (they have a shuttle bus).
Would I recommend it?  That depends...the place didn't actually have a lot to offer our small family (Two adults and a toddler) may be the ideal vacation for someone with older kids who can go on the bike tours, or help groom horses in the stables, or hummer rides in the bush, or canoeing, or sailing etc...
...but the place has its draw backs....paper thin walls and ceiling ...and you spend equal amounts of time staring at nature, as you do walking through parking lots (its such a large resort that people have to park SOMEWHERE...errrm, I mean EVERYWHERE)...

...they also neglected to vacuum the kid's playroom during our three day stay...nor did they rake/clean the beach at night and reset the lawn chairs (I like a fresh beach each day...picky, I know!)  With that said, we had a great time!!! I have NEVER laughed so hard as I did watching my husband try and climb onto one of the floating rafts in the splash zone! 
...and I love what the designer guys are doing with the decor!  The common area of the sports villa is beautiful!
Would I go back? Maybe when my family is a little older...

Have you been to Deerhurst? What did you think?


  1. Have been to Deerhust and liked it. Liked Arrowhon even more!

  2. Oh my god that light fixture is incredible. Your photos make it look amazing! I have only stayed there in the fall for a wedding, and it was lovely, but yes, hard to get around (we rode the buses).

  3. Have been to Deerhust and liked it. Liked Arrowhon even more!

  4. foundvintagestyle.etsy.comJuly 25, 2011 at 10:51 PM

    we stayed there years ago and I do remember it being very sprawling. our kids were a lot younger and we were there in winter I believe.
    the few days we just spent at Windemere were lovely. there is a very small sandy beach right there which would be perfect for small kids. they also had paddle boats to take out included in the price.
    I liked the smaller scale of the place compared to Deerhurst.

    (thanks for visiting my blog)!

  5. I've never been in the summer, just in the winter for my work Christmas party. It is quite spectacular in the middle of a snowstorm.