Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Calling all trucks and buses and tractors too

I am working on a 'collage' for my son's big boy room...I am wondering if I could recruit your help!

I am looking for original photos of trucks and buses and tractors and concrete mixers and tractor trailers - you name it!  I want to print these photos and stick them to the wall above his bed (simple, no?)  

If you are out walking around with your camera, maybe you could point the lens at a few beauties and help me out?

I am hoping to capture some cool logos ... like a coca-cola truck (I know a Coca cola truck is not THAT cool, but you know what I mean....the superior propane truck is my favorite from this morning's walk!)

Maybe I can salvage this photo using photoshop!

..all landscape orientation photos please...

Construction Trucks, Garbage trucks, Car carriers, Mail trucks, Ice Cream trucks, City buses, Coach buses, Tractor trailers, Cherry pickers, street sweepers, etc....!!!

If you feel like contributing, please send me your jpgs to eightfootsix(at)hotmail(dot)com

 THANKS SO MUCH!!!! I know with your help we can make one little boy VERY VERY HAPPY!


  1. What a great idea! I'm sure you've already tried these places, but Pinterest and Flickr are my go-to places for pics. Good luck in your search :)

  2. Maybe I am too naive, but...can you just take other people's photos and re-produce them? Actually, I wonder what I will get if I type "trucks" in the Flickr search engine!