Thursday, August 11, 2011

The basement is too cluttered!

Our wide lens...

I was testing what the room would feel like if we hung posters on the wall in the seating area...

... when I looked through the lens, and all I saw was chaos!... busy, busy, BUSY!

Here is what I think needs improvement:
- Buy new media console
- Buy new seating in couch area (where the small black side tables are now)
- Pillows for couch
- Throw for couch
- I really like Jordana's idea of painting the area under the ledge black (or dark) 

I know the toys and the play mats aren't helping my cause...but (clearly) they are used regularly.  The jute rug is too scratchy and bumpy for my son.  Not to mention he likes to colour co-ordinate things (learned that from his mommy no doubt).  Having a play area downstairs is essential because it leaves my main floor calm and clutter free.  Except now I need to force the media area and toys to work together...maybe more pleasing (matching) carpets are the answer?

When you are down in the basement, I don't think it feels cluttered.  However, I may no longer be able to see the room objectively. (I don't actually spend a lot of time down there, its a boy zone)

Maybe one room in the house always needs to be sacrificed to the men (or to pure function)?  Do you have a room that you can't quite get right? Should I give up trying to satisfy the camera?

UPDATE: hmmm? Nope...takes up too much space

Update 2: The next step for the lacks is out the door...


  1. You'll get there! I love your's so huge and there is so much you can do with it! I was struggling for a year with our living room, and finally found the perfect piece of furniture to hold our tv components (and it was only $50 on craigslist!). Now it's such a relaxing room to be if only I could find a new couch. : )

  2. I hear ya totally. My basement is for my hubby & kids...there is only so much you can do with unused exercise equipment and toys! yours looks great, but i do agree you need something cleaner for your components. if you only knew the arguments I have had about tv components!

  3. Hi Shannon, I am in love with your house and would like to put my two cents in. I would just lose the posters for now, or only keep the horizontal ones in the middle. I myself wouldn't paint the bottom of the room dark, I think you will end up feeling like you chopped the place in half. You have such a nice, modern open feel down there and I think you would lose that. I used to love it when you had the lack tables all along the wall, near the kiddie rug (that way the play area was all in one space. It might be too busy now since you added the shelves though. I wouldn't pitch the tables if your son actually sits down and plays at them. (Colours, play-doh etc.) Either way the place is awesome. I agree with the yourself and the other posters, if you get anything a better tv console, but really your place is so nice I wouldn't even bother, unless I found a great deal.

  4. Jordana @ White CabanaAugust 12, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    oh man...why are things for kids so darn colourful? not sure it'll help or it'll be worth it but how about buying only one colour of those comfortable kiddie mats? surely they exist in black? or maybe do all yellow to tie in with the kiddie tables? although I do like the red as a possible accent colour.
    how about putting only two framed pieces on that wall and put the rest of the posters on the wall by the stairs? how about hanging those two horizontal photos on top of one another?
    your basement is totally amazing and so functional for your family. :)
    p.s. is that a speaker functioning as a side table? :)

  5. You have a lot of visual noise because of the amount of stuff you have that's in plain view all the time. I would have opted for some closed storage units to keep things tidy and organized but keep it hidden.

  6. Hey C!
    You are right about too much stuff! The one thing the camera and I never agree on is the amount of 'stuff' needed in a room. I spent the last few days editing!

    I am probably one of the few people who avoid closed storage...why, huh, how, say that again?? Well, we have a storage room to handle the ugly that's covered...and anything that doesn't fit into my home needs to be donated or given away pronto! Hidden clutter makes me insane!

  7. Yes that is a sub-woofer/side table :)

    I think I was given the green light to sew it a table skirt, or something...

    I flipped the kiddie mats over! THEY ARE GREY ON THE OTHER SIDE...and, you may have noticed - so are my floors! It makes a big difference in the mood of the room!

    The horizontal posters connect...the middle guy's face is split onto the two posters...

    I am going to test out the art from the guest room ...and I have some designs for a custom media console we are working on

  8. I like the idea of putting just one piece in the middle of the wall (2 posters, or the art from the guest room) and leaving some white that we have the shelves (reading corner) we need some blank space.

    I love those lacks too...but when you love something, set it free...they might come back depending on what we do with the media console...we are putting our heads together to design something we both approve of. Because nothing in the retail stores satisfies him, and nothing built by audio nerds will satisfy me!

  9. Jordana @ White CabanaAugust 14, 2011 at 9:08 AM

    What does your son think of the grey? Does he notice? If he asks...tell him the grey is better for all his trucks - he can pretend it's a real road or construction site. Hee hee.
    A sub-woofer slip cover. This makes me laugh. :)

  10. He likes when things get switched up! He gets excited when I move the furniture around...a good sign, because living here, he is likely to experience a lot of furniture re-arrangements!