Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

A small haul...

first up, this bailey's cup...because I'm a huge fan of hers...

Some itty bitty mason jars...I had  no idea they came so small! Perfect for outdoor tealights (I think?)

While tealights were a hot topic, I decided to get these perfectly rough looking glass jars too!

I'm not sure what you serve on this, but it goes with the collection!

and a couple of sunny yellow dessert plates - mikasa

The best part of my day - so far - had to be coming home from the thrifts to leftover turkey dinner!  Making turkey on a miscellaneous Wednesday night? Brilliant! I applaud myself!


  1. Isn't the thing under the tealights a table crumb picker upper missing its brush? Well, depending on its size of course.

  2. Huh....I dunno! Its very close to 10 inches long...that's a lot of crumbs!

  3. Yup! Totally a crumb duster...

  4. I love those plates! The itty bitty mason jars are great for making little jams in to give out at Christmas... those are a great find! Have a great weekend! Angie xo

  5. I believe the aluminum piece may be what my mother called a Silent Butler. My Grandmother had one that was silver. They had a matching hand-broom and were used for wiping crumbs off the tablecloth. I suppose they are actually useful, but I just use a paper napkin for a broom and my hand for the, crumbpan.

  6. Oh...NOW I read the other comments! Well, there you go.