Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Costume

My son wants to be a firetruck for Halloween (or a butterfly) we built a fire truck.  He helped me paint the box red, and the bumper.  He also stuck the flashing lights on the top.  He was a big helper while I destroyed his small toy wagon (originally from value village) in order to salvage the wheels (actually, I can put the wagon back together later, it was a simple operation).

I know it's a bit hoaky...but my two year old loves it! That's what counts!

Materials & Cost: $19.67
Acrylic Paint & Brushes - on hand
Huggies box - upcycled
Paper towel roll - upcycled
Wheels - on hand
Basic fireman's hat and coat - $19.67 from Walmart
Suspenders to hold truck up around waist (not yet made) - duct tape/caution tape - on hand

If we have time before Halloween, and another box, I will cut out some butterfly wings and let him get down and dirty in paint.


  1. Beatrice@becado.blogspot.comOctober 12, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    super cute. we made a little spider for my munchkin last year, but this year we haven't decided yet. you are one talented mommy. love the fire truck.

  2. This is an awesome costume! Love it! He'll look so cute.
    My son (2.5) will be a royal guard (his grandmother went to London) and his sister (4) will be a purple/black witch...

  3. very cute! my kid just wants to be batman and the other one wants to be a princess!

  4. on a different note: I was going through your old posts and this summer you were talking about getting rid of your scroly chairs with the orange cushions. Did you sell them?

  5. yah, sold them to another blogger...we brought up the chairs from the basement (teak/leather) and put them in the living room...never did get a TV for the living room...

  6. Those chairs were nice and I was going to be in TO probably the end of the month.
    Have you looked for white TV's? Or the ones that turn into a mirror? Candace Olson has done a few living rooms with the mirror TV - it's quite cool and doesn't mess up your design. We have our TV in the living room and we use that as our main room. Our family room has toys and the computer.

  7. I have never heard of a mirror TV!!

  8. That's awesome!

    We have a dinosaur costume hand-me-down from Children's Place but my son is not interested (I got him into it for 2.5 minutes before meltdown, I have been trying to talk it up but he is a stubborn boy!)

    Last year I bought him the full Captain Hook ensemble at the Disney mistake - we got a few cute photos, but he basically squirmed around in it and refused to wear the hat...

    So this year I let him decide...not that he really understands what Halloween is yet...

    I hope next year we will be on to superheros!

  9. CUTE! You better get started! Halloween is sneaking up on us!

  10. ramblingrenovatorsOctober 12, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    So so cute Shannon! Your little guy will be the cutest fireman around.

  11. Very cute! And hoaky costumes are the best ones!

  12. You actually made that fire truck from a Huggies box? Amazing! I bet your son's Halloween setup is a knockout in the neighborhood. So much fun!

  13. What a great idea...This is going to be so awesome!! I can't wait to see the pics. :) Don't suppose you could throw together a Snow Leopard costume for me now that yours is done? :)

    PS this makes my think of the book by Peter Sus where the little boy turns into a fire truck - my kids love it:

  14. ooooh snow leopard is a tough request! I hope you like sewing!!!

    I am going to order that book for him...we tell him stories about fire trucks all the time...he is definitely teaching us how to stretch our imaginations...

    maybe I need to start hitting up goodwill for kids books again! umm...who are we kidding - 3.5 more weeks to go!!!

  15. Our street has a couple Halloween houses on it! And some Cutie Pie kids

    ...I am going to start decorating the front when this rainy weather passes (if it passes)

  16. It's fun to make your own! Even though the stores are full of gorgeous costumes at this time of year!

  17. OMG If it rains on Halloween his costume will turn to mush!

  18. Too cute! And not hoaky at all! My boys chose 'transformer' and 'storm trooper'... ugh.

  19. So funny that our boys want to be similar things. I have the coat (oshkosh) but now I need everything else. I'll try Walmart for the same hat.
    What he's really interested in is the hose and a pump for the hose! Will have to get my husband working on those two things!