Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall rug

I changed up the foyer today!  The foyer rug is one of the few items in the house that we change with the seasons. (We like to cover the marble floors in the foyer with a larger rug in the fall/winter.)  We also place boot/shoe mats under the rad...
Before and After

If you popped in on us this morning, unannounced, this is what you would have encountered!
My son straightened up all the shoes for me, while I hung the coats and put the stroller away. Today it was my shoes, my socks, my coats, my purses strewn about - shame.  The grey mat (from costco) was tossed on the Weinrib rug a few days ago. We use it to catch any snow/leaves/mud from the stroller wheels. I haven't found something pretty that can handle this task!

Have you made many changes in decor for fall? 

ps We used this rug for the foyer last year...but I felt like blue again this year.

Red version of rug still avail on Overstock, here
This rug is a beauty too! 


  1. Well, I'm a bit excruciating in my love of changing things up around my house for every season! I really feel that not only is it practical, sometimes, like with your floor mat, but also helps to acknowledge the gifts that each season brings!

  2. This is perfect for the coming winter weather:)

  3. Love both rugs, where is your winter one from? Funny enough I was on the Weinrib site today and pinned a whole bunch of her rugs to my pinterest board. I am still hesitant in spending the money with the cat and 2 kids - I'd be heart broken if the rugs got damaged and I'd spent all that money, but a nice bedroom one or living room one is on the list somewhere.

  4. We bought this weinrib on sale from a store in NYC...they shipped it to Buffalo for free and we went over and picked it made it pretty affordable...of course - its small!

    We don't cover the weinrib in the summer at takes quite a bit of abuse...I am not sure if it could withstand cat claws though!

    The blue rug is from ikea (discontinued), but you can still find it on Overstock!

  5. I always love geometric or medallion patterned rug but too bad it's so expensive in Canada (wool ones). I saw so many on Overstock, dirt cheap, but they wouldn't ship to Canada. Just like you, I typically change doormat to an outdoor rug (Martha's weaved basket one) for the fall/winter. In addition, I added some plush blankets/throws to sofas and chairs. These days I have pumpkins and mums all over my porch.

  6. Love it!

    Ah, the "winter" rug for Canadians. All summer I use handmade rag rugs made by my great grandmother or artisans from my hometown. Just small rugs for a bit of "grip" on slick days. But soon I have to haul out the beige "winter" rugs that can take a beating, go in the washing machine and live to tell the tale.

  7. Fantastic! I love the bigger size and the colour. Beautiful.

  8. perfect size for the area. : ) Wondering if it is wool and dirt resistant.

  9. The muddiest spots come up with a sponge, some Palmolive and water...

    It is not dirt resistant...but then again, not many rugs are! Still, we would rather the salt and dirt get trapped by the carpet, and not sit on the marble directly...