Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Spider

How to make a Halloween garbage bag spider

2 black garbage bags
1 elastic
1 twist tie, or piece of string/twine/yarn/pipe cleaner whatever
Cost: $0 

Step One: Cut your first bag into 8 strips.  Leave the seam of the bottom of the bag intact, so the legs are spooky long

Step Two: Turn second bag inside out, crumple the bottom of the bag together, tie an elastic around the bag (this is to make the front of the spider gathered).

Step Three: Turn bag right-side out.  Fill it with 6 or 7 crumpled newspaper sheets

Step Four: Hold the bag so the newspaper is all at the gathered end (the end with the elastic), and twist tie it off - not too tight.  Fuss with it a little to make the head sorta round.

Step Five: Fill the bag with 10-12 more crumpled papers so the butt is bigger than the head

Step Six: Tie the ends of the garbage bag together, and stuff the end pieces back into the butt

Step Seven: Grab four legs, open them (unfold them at the seam), tie them around the neck (where the twist tie is).  Grab the remaining four legs and tie them around neck as well.  YOU ARE DONE!  (If it is an inside spider, you can add some eyes...this bad boy will hang from our covered doorway outside, so that all the kiddies have to pass under him.  I will add a bunch of store bought white spider webs too)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN....10 Days! Have you decorated yet?


  1. This is so stinkin' creative! I love him...I think we should name about Harold??? (c;

  2. Beatrice@becado.blogspot.comOctober 21, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    This is great. Thank you so much for this. I needed something for the door. I saw this cute eye and mouth decor for the front door and this spider will finish off the decor. Have a great weekend.

  3. Super creative and easy to make! I am going to put one on our porch for the kiddies on Halloween. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Does the spider need a web?

  5. You are too clever little lady...I have to share this with my readers...and Mini...I'm sure she'll want one on our door for halloween...

  6. Like the spider! I was the lucky winner of the little car plate! Thanks so much...the big guys loves it (my 2 year old)! It's really sweet and will look awesome hanging up...have to go pick up some kind of hanging device for the back! Thanks again!

  7. I remember doing something similar using a kit when I was social rep for my university...for a Halloween pub night or party or something (soooo long ago)...anyways, I never tried it again until this is seriously the easiest thing ever! And CHEAP!

  8. cute! you could use white garbage bags!!!

  9. These are the best instructions ever!
    I haven't decorated yet but I have plans! Oh yes! Mwa ha ha ha! (evil halloween laughter....)

  10. haha ... nice fun
    maybe you can draw white stripe on the spide

  11. This is a great idea that I can actually do RIGHT NOW! Awesome! Thanks!