Friday, October 21, 2011

Plants and Flowers

This morning I moved a few plants around, and bought some fresh flowers.

I put the plant on the sideboard, so it doesn't cook on the rad (it was previously in the basement, severely neglected)

I am not sure if the spikey Ikea plant is going to make it...the other stem died months ago. I am reluctant to invest in a giant version, if I can't get this one to thrive.  I am almost certain it is goners.

UPDATE: The plant on the dining room sideboard was moved into the was too close in shape to the lamps....I added the glass/crystal stuff back to the sideboard, hmmmm....I think I should get a tray

The spider plant went into the master needs some love.  The roots are so massive that even watering it as much as I do, the soil can't hold onto the moisture.  Time to transplant it.   


  1. You are on a roll today - do you have excess pre-birth energy? Lovely flowers, particularly like those little vases you have.
    BTW, do you think you'll be blogging once you are home with 2 little ones? Have a great weekend.

  2. This looks so great! Most of my plants died in our move (that sounds horrible) and I still haven't figured out good spots for the ones that survived. Is that a bonsai tree on the radiator? So cool!

  3. I really don't know!!! I likely won't be blogging as often at first...but eventually we will all fall into a rhythm

  4. its some mini tree from ikea...not a better half had to have it...

    it is doing well! This surprises me since I have to take it to the sink to water it...I let the tap drip drip drip until the soil is moist...if I try to pour water onto the soil, it runs out of the pot. Annoying!

  5. I've had the same IKEA plant for around 7 years now...It's really tall...I find that it doesn't like a lot of attention...water every 8 or 9 days...until wet...and leave it alone...I've had it outside on the terrace in full sun all day and it's been in every corner of my living room too...and it's happy either I said, it just doesn't need a lot of attention...I've never repotted it either...go figure...

  6. gasp! beautiful master bedroom! i never thought of having figure sketches above the bed. my husband was an artist before becoming a nurse (i know, big career change, haha). i should ask him if he can make us some sketches.