Monday, January 16, 2012


Thank you for your comments on my last togo post.  I am going to pursue this further.  I really want a sectional in the basement. We can't afford the actual Togo (we can't justify owning an iconic masterpiece when it is more than likely to be barfed or pooped on, multiple times). So I am looking into a FOGO, a fake-togo (Yes I'm cheesey!)
The Waverunner Modular Sectional Sofa is another knockoff Togo...can a sectional really only cost $1500 (before taxes and shipping)?  Anyways, the Waverunner has a smaller footprint than the Downlow, and only comes in Red.

Chair dimensions & price
Togo: H: 27.5'' x W: 34.25'' x D: 40.25'  Price $1700-2600
Downlow: W34" x D40" x H27.5"  Price $450
Waverunner: 34" W x 36" D x 26" H  Price $349

- Does this make it a little more OK to buy a knockoff?  
- I have not found a supplier of the Downlow in Canada (I contacted the manufacturer, we will see if they get back to me)
- Red is growing on me, but I would need to see a fabric sample first.
- Wave runner is smaller, and therefore more likely to fit down the tight stairway (old home).
- I would prefer to sit on the sofa, at least once, before buying.
- My husband is not interested in vintage anything that is upholstered.
- If we can connect with a retailer (why is that so difficult? shouldn't be!), then we will sell the KIVIK, and most likely the West Elm jute rug too!  Just sayin'!

If you know where I can purchase a FOGO (not a real term, see above), PLEASE LET ME KNOW!   

UPDATE: I am so indecisive.  Since it is TOGO I love, not FOGO, I may have to walk away from this...Besides, I don't think I can handle red - ever *sigh*


  1. That will look cool in your basement for sure. I do think that you MUST sit on one before you get it. Even if you can only find a TOGO chair to try out - make sure that you are comfy on it. It would suck to go through all this and not like it!

  2. we bought knock-off eames chairs in our dining room. We just couldn't afford 4 of the real thing. We bought off overstock so there were reviews--definitely helped my confidence. We like our chairs but the bolts come loose. Pretty sure that wouldn't happen with the real thing. Curious to see what you end up doing!

  3. FOGO... hahah... brilliant!

  4. I have seen these on sale (for a pretty big discount) a few times in the past few months on the home decor flashsale website I think they had red, orange, green, and black. I've seen them on this site a few times, so maybe keep checking their sales or contact someone at homesav to get some more info. I actually think that these would be perfect for your basement! Good luck with your search!

  5. Wow a red color Downlow sectional might be too intense IMO, but again, I am a chicken when it comes to bold colors. It looks very comfy and there's nothing wrong to buy a knockoff. It's like physicians only prescribe generic drugs these days after all the patents expired. :-)

  6. I'll keep an eye out for it! Do sit on a real one though...test it out.

  7. Have you checked out Domicile, on Jarvis just south of King? I walked by there the other day and it looked like they had some low slung sectionals of a similar style to these.

  8. I also am in love w/ the TOGO and also have a kid and also worry he'll puke all over it. However I cant go fake so instead Im going to buy one piece at a time when I can, and make it multi-complimentary-colour.

    Sitting on a real togo won't give you same impact as the fake one. I had a fake one and it just sucked the bag. The upholstery wore out pretty quick and the bounce-back on the foam sucked after a year. I sold it for what I bought it for on CL because they're not easy to find.

    I get your dilemma just couldn't get a fake togo is all.

  9. we can't either...
    Soooo want to because I want the space to be finished and killer....but just can't go fogo

  10. I inherited my aunt's original Togo sectional about 10 years ago but after more than 3 decades of hard use, abuse and several moves - and before I knew the value of the set - I discarded all but the chair and the love seat and I have lamented not being able to find a replacement.
    That is until my fiance just happened to be perusing a hipster blog and saw the red Lexington version listed for sale and thus my recent education on the subject.

    Now that I know the cost of the same beige unit I grew up on a fell in love with would run upwards of $10k, the red knock off is sounding pretty doable... I just wish I could test drive one first. If it is even half as comfortable as the real thing then flop the river yahtzee, I'm all in.