Thursday, January 19, 2012


I started to clean out my half of the master bedroom closet (getting ready for Chinese New Year!). Actually, all I did was fold my clothes and put them away.  You see that pony hair ottoman (from Craigslist - Score!)? Well, that's where a huge pile of tried on or fresh out of the laundry clothes usually rests.

I will be honest with you, in approximately two days, there will be another stack of laundry on that  ottoman.

Most of my jeans STILL don't fit.  I noticed that TNT kids at Avenue and Eglinton is now TNT outlet.  I went in the other day to try some jeans on but The baby woke up and started to fuss.   I will go back in this Saturday.

(I might wear that poncho (on top of the pile) to Blogpodium. Yup I am going! I will be the lady with the baby. Say hi!)


  1. I'm going to Blogpodium too...I'll look out for you! I'll be the one looking lost!

  2. Hooray - I will see you there! (I'll look for the poncho-and-baby combo...) :)

  3. fab closet! you should try the velvet hangers..way better than plastic. Clothes actually stay on! i will be a blogpodium too...brown chick in a bright blue ...i think..maybe..haven't decided yet. :)

  4. Wow you hang T-shirts...I hang jeans. ;-) Love your taste of scarves. Your closet sure looks hecka better than mine...mine is mostly black, grey and navy.

  5. You're going to be at BlogPodium - awesome - I will definitely look out for you (and baby).
    Also - where-oh-where did you get your leopard scarf (or is there more than one?)? I have been on the hunt for a greyish, subtle one that looks and feels great but I've had no luck.
    p.s. You hang your tees and fold your jeans...I do the opposite...tees are folded, jeans are hung.

  6. Hi J!
    The greyish scarf is from Monoprix from Paris
    The tan leopard is from Honey in Toronto

  7. I hang my tees because I flip through them all the time to find what I want to wear...
    my jeans, however, I wear the same pair over and over and over until it is time to wash them (past time to wash them)

  8. I'm sorry I won't make blogpodium,would have loved to meet you. Awesome pouff, great closet space. Mine is all grey,black, brown, blue, white and beige...I think only my t--shirts have real colour.

  9. Oh - Monoprix! Sometimes there are some real gems in there. Honey - I know there's one at Sherway but I never go in. I'll check it out next time I'm around.
    p.s. I'm pretty much on the same jean washing schedule as you!

  10. Your hooks reminded me that I want to do this on my closet door. I'll be at BlogPodium too - hope to see you there!