Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cougar boots

Today I was walking down the street and KA-POW! I saw this girl wearing these boots:
Limited Edition Cougar boots - Pillow Boot

WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THESE MAKING A COME-BACK? (besides the fact I never go to retail stores, and I have been a little busy bringing new life into the world - still)

I am worried that now I am too late.  It's the end of January people!!  I know they are gone.  Sold Out.... Just the same I am about to search for them online. My size 8 feet are hoping and praying!

Agh....only 900 pairs produced...KILLING ME...
Oh well...

*************** 15 minutes later*****************


They are coming home to mama!  Schreter (out of Montreal) had one pair of size 8's left!  I hope they fit! But if they are too small I will give them to my mom...who had these boots in the 70's/80's and totally inspired my wanting them now!!!!  Or maybe I will keep them and give them huggies every night!


  1. Nice! Likely one of the very few stylish designs from 70's/80's! They look super comfy and practical too.

  2. Hey Shannon! So glad you found a pair! If they don't fit email and we'll help you find a pair. Also, they tend to fit a bit big, so fingers crossed... We'd love to see a pic once they arrive. Happy Friday! From the Cougar Team

  3. I love when you post about shopping/ style/ what you are wearing (sounds zoo inappropriate and creepy).

    Possibly someday I will run into you at the TNT outlet and we will become life long friends.