Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Glasses!

...and, an outfit do-over...

look - a tiny top knot!!  

I think the bangs need to be grown out.  We were outside for 1.5 hours on the windy streets and once again the bangs are long bangs!

Am I the only one who finds dressing a lot of work?

I never seem to get an outfit right the first time.

Lets talk real you have an outfit that makes you feel fantastic? Is it a dress? Capris (I love capris)? Skinny Jeans? What is your go to store? Anthropologie? The Gap? Club Monaco?  Do you have a chambray shirt?  Do you buy things and then when you get them home, they don't quite work out the way you hoped?  Do you feel 'put together' every day? How often do you buy new clothes?

(The glasses are Robert Marc, from Josephson's)


  1. I like them glasses -- can you give a plug for them?

  2. Thanks!! I added the glasses details...Robert Marc - from Josephson Optical

  3. The glasses are great - I bought my regular and sunglasses from Josephsons. Can't beat the selection and service...

    I am partial to Anthropologie right now with some Madewell and Muji thrown in for good measure. I like the simplicity of Muji AND the patterns/edginess of Anthro.

    Love the topknot - when I was at ALT this past January it was topknots everywhere. And I agree about the bangs - I grew mine out because mine looked great for about 45 seconds til they became stringy and messy. Not the "in a good way" messy either!

  4. my bangs are driving me crazy too, but i need to grow them out for a wedding i'm in in the fall. i can only imagine the mess they'd be in after a whole day of running around!

    i have days where i feel totally put together and others where i am a total mess (usually when the laundry needs to be done). some days i'm just too tired to think!

    my wardrobe is slowly being taken over by J. Crew clothes, but i go to the US enough to buy a couple pieces each time at their outlets or sales racks in their retail stores. i love Anthro for their sweaters and dresses but again, i only scour their sales racks. i hardly shop in Canada now and only because you mentioned it, Club Monaco is the only place i can remember shopping at.

  5. Ha on the put together! I wear a uniform to work of Gap trousers in all shades of neutral in the winter and long sleeved coloured T's from Joe, 'offenized' with a cardigan (ages 2yrs to 12yrs old). In summer I wear to the office cropped Joseph pants in all shades of neutral and same coloured this time short--sleeved T on top. I hate to iron so I'll wear a blouse or shirt once, then it's wrinkled and I don't wear it again.
    On the weekend it's between two pairs of jeans, t-shirt again. I add colour with ballet flats and in summer some nice sandals. I hate to spend money on clothes and I wish I would dress like Joy here: and here:
    that would make me happy. My choice to shop would be J.Crew.

  6. love the glasses. I always feel strong & beautiful in dresses. When I throw on a suit...its a given. I wish I had that same confidence when I put on my skinny (or any) jeans! One day I will hire on of those consultants to help sort me out! Although these days I find I am bolder with colour...who knew!

  7. Only since getting pregnant. Suddenly I have no idea how to dress my body and I end up feeling frumpy a lot of the time. Normally skinny jeans and a cute top are my go-tos, but I really haven't figured out the maternity wear yet!

  8. oh gosh, i don't feel "put together" everyday at all, haha! there are some days when i just feel like nothing looks good, but on the flipside there are also days when it seems like everything looks good, haha. ;) as for a go-to store, i looove forever 21 and h&m because they have trendy items that are really affordable. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  9. fun! i tend to buy some new things every season (nothing expensive..h&m or old navy) so at the beginning of a new season i feel fashionable and by the end of the season i feel pretty dull. definitely don't feel put together everyday!