Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out thrifting when I should be cleaning


It's been a while since I spotted something at a thrift store that made me want to run down the aisle - full speed - with arms flailing about, knocking down anyone in my path...

It happened today*:

Bruder Cement Mixer!

My son LOVES Bruder trucks...He is not even three, but he knows his trucks...Bruders are made in Germany and the detail on them is ridiculous. (Ok, so my husband and I also LOVE Bruder trucks, it happens when you have a little boy) 

...and they cost up to $100 here in Canada (cheaper on

This Cement Mixer cost $3.03!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is missing a few parts, the bucket, cap and nozzle cost $2.80 to replace. (plus $5 shipping)...the lights for the cab are probably in the $10 range....the thing is, he is happy with it as is...

I also picked up these plates.  Little dutch folk scenes. Royal Sphinx. Adorable!

*no one was injured during the purchase of this truck


  1. I simply adore those plates! I found a vintage tea towel at a flea market with similar scenes and for a year now I've been on the lookout for something that could match it for a vignette I have in my mind. Thanks for sharing the info on them - now I have something to search for on the great interwebs.

  2. There were little cups too....I wish I picked them up, these plates are $15 each on ebay? YiKES!...

  3. I know, so crazy! They're selling for $20 on etsy. I got my gorgeous dish towel for five. I might have to go back to the flea market to see what I can find there.

  4. lol...the same thing happened to me today...check out my blog tomorrow to see my thrift good.

  5. Haha I can just picture you running down the crowded aisle elbowing old ladies out of your way! So funny! Glad you found such a great truck! You are a good mom and have lucky boys.

  6. Such great finds. Who doesn't love Bruder trucks? I bet your son loves it. Good thing you spotted them!

  7. Wow what a deal! My son would love this truck!

  8. Cool truck. :) You got some amazing finds. I especially love those plates.

  9. Those plates are incredible! Love, love illustrated ceramics.