Saturday, April 21, 2012

A plant tour

A lot has changed since our previous plant tour.

Today, we bought a Pothos and Peace Lily from Home Depot.  I knew we had a hanging basket and a large IKEA pot kicking around and I wanted to get some plants into them.  The Peace Lily ended up in the dining room, and the Pothos in the bathroom.  I hope the Pothos can handle the light situation in the's a south facing window (maybe I will 'frost' the upper panes...)

I ended up moving the hairy-palm-guy into the living room, the almost-dead-spiky-guy into the master bedroom (next to the not-doing-so-well spider plant), and the jade plant onto the kitchen windowsill... 

The plants in the upstairs office, the Money Tree in the stairwell and the ZiZi in the foyer are all content! 

I also snapped a picture of the Sky Planters that are waiting to be installed.  I need to decide what plants to grow in them.  I can't wait to get them up!

I really REALLY want a tree in the living room or dining room, or both.  I would go out and buy a tree tomorrow if I had more confidence in my green thumb.   I am nervous that I will get it home, only to watch it wither and die.  How depressing would that be?


  1. They say that you should have something living in each room. I'm not sure who They are but I agree to houseplants. Yours look happy & healthy and I haven't heard of Sky Planters before - will check them out, thanks!

  2. ooohhh I am not a great green thumb either. But your plants look good. How cute is your picture of bread / milk ties??

  3. I've been struggling to keep plants alive in our house, but this post has me determined to keep trying! There's just nothing like that touch of green. Can't wait to see the Sky Planters - so cool!