Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rearranging the Basement Shelves

I took everything off the wall mounted shelves in the basement and started over! 
Eight Months was a LONG time for things to stay exactly the same.

Here's the Before...much cleaner now!!  Less cluttered!!! 


  1. Love it. I also arranged the books on our shelves by spine colour and it drove my husband B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!

  2. I love how that looks- amazing!! The chairs are getting a make over btw- check it out!! And any suggestions of where I can get it done would be greatly appreciated!!

  3. Really?

    I like it.

    But I might change it again in a few months...these are just the paperbacks, but our other books are colour coded and stacked upstairs!

  4. Love the new arrangement by color! I'd probably mix horizontal and vertical a bit to add some visual interest.

  5. i like your adjustable shelving--do you mind sharing where you got it? we are getting ideas for our basement

  6. It's home depot baby!!!
    The tracks and brackets were in the shelving, the boards are just raw planks...

    I noticed HD has $30 Rubbermaid shelves with the brackets and 'systems' and $10 eight foot boards in the lumber can guess what I will be using in the laundry room!!