Thursday, May 24, 2012

Puttering outside

I get really REALLY excited when I hang a hook - it has something to do with using power tools to get organized...the feeling of "life is better when things are off the floor" have no idea how GIDDY I am after hanging seven chairs in the garage, two hooks (one for the strawberry plant, one for the bbq cover), and the clothesline (it was installed in 2010, taken down when we landscaped...)

Oh, and I solved the problem of my ferns being too small for my planters...twine and twigs! (Last year I used duct tape, now I have to scrape all the tape residue off at some point...ugh)


  1. Smart organization by utilizing the vertical space! I usually added a larger plastic pot inside the planter and then fit the smaller flower pot in it, but your twig & twine idea is great and stylish.

  2. I'm with you sister - I love hooks. I want to install them in the garage to get all my gardening tools off thr floor and out of the corner and fella just doesn't see the point. Of course, I'm the tidy one and he's the messy one so there's definitely a pattern.
    Good trick with the planters! I bought some tall-ish planters this summer and I stuck upside down flower pots inside them to prop up the baskets on top. They are kind of wedged in there so I hope they come out!

  3. Love the row of hanging bentwood chairs. Always a classic!!

  4. Late in the GameMay 25, 2012 at 11:49 AM

    How funny. Those bentwood chairs are what led me to find your blog. Once here I was transfixed by the transformation of your basement. I hunted down the same contractor you had, and 4 months later I have my own 8 foot (dry) basement and babies due any day!
    Thank you!

  5. Get out! Bill did your basement?

    Twins? Congratulations! Babies are the best ;)

  6. I didn't make it...I had my ticket, but skipped it and went to a fun fair with the kiddies instead...

  7. Aw too bad! Well your day sounds like fun anyway, ha ha. Maybe next time I'll see you there!